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Following Outcasts Annual General meeting held on 19th February, 2020 some key decisions were made which has changed the status of the club.

In a nutshell, Outcasts will continue as a cricket playing group for 2020 - fixtures are currently coming together, but all other activities and roles of Outcasts 1986-2019 will cease. Details can be seen in the AGM minutes below.

Season 2019 page is complete and now has all the season's averages available

So far as the web site is concerned, all the factual records are complete - 1986 to 2019, including all appearances, batting, bowling and fielding statistics are up to date and can be found from the
Stats and Facts pages.

I will endevour to update the web site when there is anything relevant to add, but it will be cease at the end of the season and will be shut down.



Date: Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Venue: Raj's Office, 8 Park Place, M4 4EY

Time: 7.00 pm

Present: Peter Taylor (chair), Chris Truesdale, Paul Lucas, Les Cooper, Pavan Kumar, Raj Vij, Colin Wood.

  1. Apologies for absence

    Eric Shufflebotham, Alick Cross, Bernard Hartley, Jeff Stanton, Ted Noone, Sam Chambers, Julian Pursglove, David Walsh, Steve Potter, Vernon Hatton, Stuart Craigen, Paul Kidd.

  2. Minutes of the last A.G.M.

    These were agreed as a correct record.

  3. Matters Arising

    There were no matters arising.

  4. Treasurerís report (Colin)

    Colin had circulated beforehand a statement of accounts for 2019, together with a spreadsheet showing incomings and outgoings. Outcasts had started the year with £151 in the bank and had finished it with £195[1]. Income from annual subscriptions had more than offset a deficit accumulated through match fees and refreshment charges.

    There were some discrepancies in the accounts that he could not explain, but given that we had more in the bank than his figures suggested we should have, he wasn't going to spend time worrying about it.

    He confirmed that he would now be stepping down as treasurer. The meeting roundly berated him for getting the figures wrong this year.

  5. Captainís report (Chris)

    Chris gave a brief verbal report on the 2019 season. Results had been a little disappointing, and several matches had succumbed to the weather, but he was greatly encouraged by the influx of new faces that had helped to keep the team afloat, and was optimistic about the prospects for the forthcoming season.

  6. Social Secretaryís report (Ted)

    Ted had sent his apologies so no report was presented. It was noted, however, that it had been a quiet year for social events, with only the annual golf tournament and the visit to the Manchester Beer Festival featuring from the list of potential activities recorded in the 2019 minutes.

    Ted had previously given notice that 2019 would be his last as social secretary and the meeting thanked him for his work over the past few years.

  7. The future of Outcasts

    1. was a lengthy discussion about how the club should operate from here on, and whether there was still a call for a committee structure along the current lines. had been a significant shift in membership over recent years, with many of the 'old guard' leaving, and several new recruits. While there was still an appetite to play cricket, there was much less enthusiasm for the administrative duties and responsibilities that went with running the club. After considering the various options it was agreed that:-

    1. The 'old' 1986 Outcasts C.C. had had its day, and that a line should be drawn under it.

    2. The club should be reborn as 'Outcasts 20/20' with cricket as its sole remit. This would not preclude members offering to run social events and inviting others to join in, but there would be no 'official' social calendar.

    3. The sole 'officers' of the club would be the Club Captain and an Accounts Manager. Chris was unanimously voted in as club captain, with Raj similarly unanimously elected as accounts manager. Team captaincy might vary on a game-by-game basis to relieve some of the pressure on Chris.

    4. Rather than set up a new bank account, it was agreed that Colin would seek to have Raj's name added to the existing one.

    5. Of the current trophies, only the Silver Boot should be retained for the season's best player.

    6. Whether there was a Silver Boot Dinner at the end of the forthcoming (and subsequent) season(s) would be entirely dependent on the level of interest shown by the membership of the new club and the willingness of the previous year's Silver Boot trophy winner to organise it.

    7. Given the general lack of engagement amongst rank and file members, there would be no further scheduled AGMs. The affairs of the new club would be conducted through informal meetings as and when required between the two new club officials.

  1. Election of Club officials for 2020 (if required)

    See item 7c), above. Chris was unanimously voted in as Club Captain, with Raj similarly unanimously elected as Accounts Manager.

  2. Club Subscriptions and Match Fees (if required)

    After some discussion it was agreed that:-

    1. Annual subscriptions should remain at £5 per head.

    2. Match day subs for games at Winton should stay at £4 per head (subject to any changes in ground fees).

    3. Fees for away matches would vary depending on how much the opposition charged.

    4. Any costs for refreshments at home matches should aim to be self-funding and would be additional to the £4 match fees, with an appropriate contribution coming from the opposition.

  3. Web Site (Les)

    Les gave a brief verbal report on the financing of the web site. He confirmed that he would no longer be managing the web site from now on, but was happy to pass over the responsibility for anyone keen enough to take it on. There were no takers. Les would retain all the records and statistics in digital form, and it was his intention to produce a document at some stage that charted the history of Outcasts from 1986 to 2019. Similarly, he would be closing his Facebook account and, hence, the Outcasts' Facebook page.

    The meeting wished to record their thanks to Les, and to Peter, for their diligent work in establishing and maintaining Outcasts' cricketing records so meticulously over such a lengthy period of time.

  4. Opposition, Fixtures and Nets (Chris)

    Chris gave a brief verbal update on the dates for nets he had arranged, and the fixtures confirmed so far. Nets had been booked for 6 evenings starting on the 11th March, with the first full fixture being against Vale Vikings at Winton on the 22nd April. Ten matches had been arranged so far, with another 6 possibilities in the pipeline.

    It was agreed that, as far as possible, the nets should be self-funding.

  5. Any other business

    1. Caps

      Les still had six Outcasts caps for disposal. After some discussion it was agreed that:-

  • 4 caps should be retained for the best batsman and the best bowler over the next two seasons.

  • 1 cap should be presented to Raj who was only 3 matches short of officially qualifying anyway, and who had made such a big contribution to the team and club over the last couple of seasons.

  • 1 cap should be auctioned off to Outcasts members with the proceeds going to the charity for motor neurone disease (in memory of ex-Outcasts stalwart Keith Ambrey)

    1. DoB

    Raj proposed, and the meeting agreed, that members be invited to give their date of birth so that colleagues could celebrate their birthday.

  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting (if required)

    Not needed.


Subsequent to the meeting it was agreed via email that Raj should be appropriately reimbursed for the curry and beers he had laid on. He was also warmly thanked for his hospitality.


[1] Allowing for web site fees totalling £7.20 that had not featured in the statement that had been circulated.


Winton_CC   Outcasts play home matches at the well appointed Winton Cricket Club.

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Who are Outcasts ?? 

Outcasts Cricket Club originates from the early 1970s with a group of enthusiastic cricket-minded colleagues of the former Greater Manchester County Council Planning Department.

Following the abolition of the County Council this social group were distributed far and wide across Greater Manchester primarily, but stuck together in solidarity and defiance of the Thatcher mechanics of destruction to maintain its cricketing roots.

The emphasis of the cricket is purely for an enjoyable social evening, but there is always the element of competition and a desire to perform well and competitively.




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